Where world-changers and fashion collide

Will & Ivey was born out of a dream to create fashion with purpose;  fashion that sparks a chain reaction of opportunity and hope.  

"Weaving peace and purpose through fashion."

WEAVING PEACE -  Ease of fit, minimalist, grab and go designs are most notably what makes Will & Ivey a brand of sophisticated simplicity.  Modern, comfortable pieces that easily coordinate and are free of excessive snaps and buttons that make dressing your sweet little one easier.  


Will and Ivey gives back


WEAVING PURPOSE -  As a brand we are excited to support The Forgotten Initiative, an organization that uses practical, hands-on initiatives to impact not only children, but families and agency workers in the US foster care system.  Internationally, we have had the opportunity to work with Nashville's Tool Life, establishing a micro-sewing business in Mt. Olivas, Honduras.  Contributing patterns and training, Will & Ivey founder, Sandra Ney, has seen first hand the desire of the Honduran people to learn a trade that provides for their children.  This small village is escaping poverty through fashion.  Domestically, we are privileged to work alongside and support some amazing American craftsmen through the sell of goods in our Artisan Collection.  Whether it's abroad or at home, we are inspired to create socially responsible fashion that provide opportunities and positively impact our world. 

Will & Ivey Micro-Sewing Business In Honduras

Size Chart



Height  Weight Chest Waist Hip Inseam

Sleeve Length

Newborn (0-3 months)

20-24 in 7-11 lbs 16 in 16 in 16 in 5.5 in 5.5 in

X-Small (3-6 months)

23-27 in 11-15 lbs 18 in 18 in 18 in 7 in 6 in

Small (6-12 months)

25-30 in 14-22 lbs 19 in 19 in 19.5 in 9.5 in 6.5 in

Medium (12-24 months)

29-35 in 22-27 lbs 20 in 20 in 20.5 in 11.5 in 7.5 in

Large (24-36 months)

33-38 in 26-33 lbs 21.5 in  21.5 in 22 in 13.5 in 8.5 in


38-41 in 33-40 lbs 22.5 in 22 in 23 in  15.5 in  10.5 in


41-46 in 40-50 lbs 24.5 in  23 in  25 in  18.5 in  11.5 in