Summer Sale - 30% off Use code summersale30
Summer Sale - 30% off Use code summersale30

Welcome to the Shoreline Collection

There is a peaceful memory of the breeze brushing through my hair and the magic found on the shoreline of the Northern California beaches where I grew up. After moving to Nashville, it was always a highlight with my four children when we traveled back to California to visit these beaches and watch them explore and fall in love with the shoreline as I did. As these memories hug my mind with joy and delight, my hope is that in this collection you also experience the wonder and enchantment of the shoreline through our comforting colors and ease of fit in our clothing for your precious children. May you enjoy your Spring and Summer with peace and wonder from Will & Ivey.

Love, Sandra


You can take part in caring for children in foster care by having a TAK PAK party, filling back packs with comfort and essential items.  

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