The Story

Our beginnings begin with abandonment that leads to an understanding of the importance of human generosity and unselfish acts of kindness. At the age of seven, my mother was left abandoned on the streets of San Francisco. Rescued through adoption, she was one of the lucky ones, raised in a loving and nurturing home. Many years later, she was reunited with her siblings through an incredible miracle of events. Needless to say, these situations changed my mother’s life forever … and mine as well.

Like my mother, I was born and raised in the beautiful northern California hills. While being influenced by the southern traditions of my father, it was my mothers’ journey that had the greatest impact on my life, for she taught me the importance of generosity, kindness and how every life matters.

Even early on in my design career, I longed for a company where I could align my passion for design and fashion with a purpose for serving others. Yet, in the cutthroat industry of fashion, I found these types of companies and opportunities difficult to find. But I knew there had to be a way for world changers and fashion to collide.

When my husband, Karl, and I started our family, I experienced a new problem within the children’s clothing industry – I felt that baby and toddler clothes had too many embellishments, blinding colors, and an unnecessary amount of snaps. I needed simple pieces that were both easy to throw on a squirming child and timeless through their simplicity of style … yet this was impossible to find.

Over the past 24 years, as my children have grown into beautiful adults, I have been blessed with design engagements which have broadened my understanding of the importance of simplicity in a world of sensory overload. While living in Nashville, I have designed outfits for Trisha Yearwood, worked with Wynonna Judd, and been a wardrobe stylist for may TV shows and local bands. In 2011, I was invited to design for a new denim company, Southern Blues Denim Co. where the seeds of designing for a purpose took a deeper root in my soul.

In 2015, I decided to follow my long-felt passion and founded Will & Ivey with the focus of creating a children’s clothing line for the mini modern minimalist. A line of clothes for families interested in simple, timeless designs that were made with organic fabrics and materials, and lovingly made by American families with an appreciation for timeless traditions.

Our mantra at Will & Ivey: To weave peace and purpose through fashion.

Peace through the simple designs of the Will & Ivey collections. Our designs are grab and go, easily coordinated, modern and comfortable.

Purpose through our partnership with Tennessee Alliance for Kids, an organization focused on the Foster care system and the children in their care. If you would like to get involved you can learn more on our Giving Back page.

As Will & Ivey grows, my heart is to see our company stay true to our mantra and core values of peace and purpose. And it is only through caretakers like you who have become a village of support and have shared in our mission that make this a possibility. With your stories and love for our products, I find daily inspiration in the designs of our collections, and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for being a part of our story.



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