Kingsbury, NV

If you are looking for wonderful, eco-friendly luxury children's clothing, Will & Ivey is your store of choice. Located near Kingsbury, Nevada, you'll love our wide selection of clothing for babies, boys, girls, and adults. We offer candles, too. Learn more about our ultra-cozy and eco-friendly children's clothing below, and stop by today!


Babies are amazingly wonderful in every way, and you want your baby to have the best luxury baby clothes available. Our clothing store for children offers soft fabrics that are gentle on your baby's skin, and all are OEKO-TEX approved. We only partner with manufacturers who ensure workers are paid a fair wage, and our baby clothes are designed for ease of use. Check out our wide selection of Oliver Knotted Gowns, Piper One Pieces, and Selah Modal Sets online today!


Children grow so fast, and soon your baby boy will be wearing "big boy" clothing items. Not to worry, Will & Ivey has got you covered. We offer comfortable and fashionable boys clothing that you'll love, including our Miles Shorts and our Chosen T-shirts, which are made from a wonderful bamboo and cotton blend. You'll be helping the environment, too, as we use small batches of sustainable clothing made in the USA. Stop by our luxury children's clothing store near Kingsbury today!


When your baby girl begins to walk, you need clothing that will move with her. Here at Will & Ivey, a children's clothing store located near Kingsbury, Nevada, we offer neutral-colored girls' clothing, so your child's beauty can shine forth. From our Jordan Heather Fleece Sweatshirt that goes on smooth as butter to our Serene Modal Set that will offer your child peace and calm, your playful young girl will be ready to take on anything in her day. See our selection near Kingsbury today!


We don't forget about the adults that form their children into beautiful souls! We ensure you'll find something at our children's clothing store, including our Chosen Adult Baseball Hat that comes in charcoal and cream. Match your child and keep the sun out of your eyes, too. Shop today!


Many people love the scent candles give off. From using them to help them focus at work to having them provide the perfect ambient light, candles can truly warm the soul. Will & Ivey is proud to offer our signature candle scent called PEACE. You'll love the scents of cedar, bergamot, and sandalwood, as well as some jasmine combined with honey to bring a smile to your face and a glow to your heart. All of our candles are hand-poured in the United States. Experience the calm with these candles. Stop by our Kingbury shop, or order them for a friend as a gift online today!


Will & Ivey is passionate about providing the best luxury children's clothing that you and your child will love. Our children's clothing store near Kingbury offers a wide selection that you'll love. Plus, we support foster children, so every purchase you make helps support kids in need.

In addition, sustainability is a hallmark of ours. We believe that all of us need to do our part to help preserve our planet. One way we can do this is by being more conscious about the clothing we purchase for our children. When you shop for eco-friendly children's clothing from our Kingsbury children's clothing store, you are choosing items that are made without harmful chemicals and dyes, and that are often made from sustainable materials. You are also supporting businesses that are working to be more sustainable. Every little bit helps!