Children's clothing
made with purpose,
for every step in life.

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Tennessee Alliance for Kids

Non-Profit Org.

Would highly recommend these clothes to Thor.

Vogue Paris

Super-Dad of Three

Remarkably made and perfect for any occasion.

Quality clothing
made in the USA

Manufactured in Nashville, TN since 2014

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We aren't the only ones
loving these fabrics.

"Shipping was fast, the clothes are amazing quality, can’t get over it. So soft and comfortable for baby skin, I wish adult clothes came like that because it's amazing! Love this shop!"

Katherine C. | Lacey, WA, United States

"We ordered the flare pant in clay (the color is exactly like in pics) The pants are high quality linen and soft....I would recommend this brand based off of what I received, and I will definitely be purchasing again soon!!"

Sheila M. | Gautier, MS, United States

"I absolutely adore the way Will & Ivey's clothes look and feel. Great quality!"

Kim L. | Gallatin, TN, United States

What does it mean
to be Chosen?

We believe that every child deserves a safe environment.
Learn how you can get involved.

giving back

A Thoughtful Approach
to Children's Clothing

Our Fabrics

Our fabrics our made from the softest stuff the earth provides. Wrap your little in cozy.

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Our Mission

It's our mission to support the need of Children in Foster Care and we are happy to partner with Tennessee Alliance For Kids.

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Seeing is believing

We understand the importance of quality, which means we know how important it is to experience our clothing in person, but for now this will have to do.

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Gratitude for the planet.
Safety for your little one.

Ultra Cozy

The coziest cozies for your little.

Fully Organic

Organic Fabric Details

Ethically Made

We support manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.

Endless Gratitude

We give back

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