Ocean big love is a love with “extravagant dimensions” that “absolutely nothing can separate us from no matter what.” It’s a love that helps everyone remember they are chosen and worthy. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is part of loving others well. When we come at these conversations with a humble heart, we say, “I hear you, and you deserve better.” 

We are human, flawed, sinful, learning, reflecting, and growing. As we continue on this journey, we want to become better allies for those who feel unsafe or less than. We’ve compiled lists of books and podcasts to celebrate diversity and educate about racism and inequality. Most of the books are available on Amazon, but we encourage you to support small, local shops. If you are in the Franklin, TN area, one of our favorites is Brilliant Sky Toys & Books. 

Positive Books for Kids Celebrating Diversity

  • God’s Very Good Idea, By Trillia Newbell
  • A Kids Book About Racism, By Jelani Memory 
  • When God Made You, By Matthew Paul Turner
  • All the Ways to Be Smart, Davina Bell
  • Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race, By Margot Lee Shetterly
  • Kamala & Maya’s Big Idea, By Meena Harris 
  • This is How We Do it, Matt Lamothe
  • Under My Hijab, Hena Khan
  • The Skin You Live In, By Michael Tyler
  • Little People BIG DREAMS:
    • Wilma Rudolph, By Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
    • Martin Luther King, Jr., 
    • By Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
    • Maya Angelou, Lisbeth Kaiser
    • Jesse Owens, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
    • Rosa Parks, Lisbeth Kaiser
    • Muhammad Ali, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara
    • Harriet Tubman, Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Helpful Podcasts for Mama

  • 4 Things with Amy Brown: White Privilege. Friends of Color, Be the Change. Making Space for Yourself. 
  • SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley: 111. An Honest Conversation on Racial Reconciliation (Ft. Zach & Megan Duke).
  • Parenting Forward: Cindy Wang Brandt: Growing Sustainable Together
  • Integrated Schools: Conversations About Integration: Raising White Kids with Jennifer Harvey

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