We want to introduce you to someone new to the Will & Ivey team. We are honored to have Nicole Edwards (writer and editor) share her gift as a writer to express the heart of Will & Ivey through stories, words of encouragement, and fun ideas for young families. Collectively, we hope to bring you comfort, style and joy! Here’s to a wonderful 2019!


If you’re like me, February can be a bleak month. Between the lack of outdoor time due to the chilly temperatures, to my husband’s sadness that football season is over (insert eye roll here) 😊—I can’t help but try and lighten things up.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spread some love around. I love setting up my two-year-old’s and four-year-old’s little table with sweet surprises and heart-shaped pancakes in the morning. This year, we also did a fun craft that I want to try and do each year. My sister did it with her niece, and it was a lifesaver one cold, rainy morning. I grabbed a Whole Foods bag and cut a bunch of hearts out. I got out the red, pink and white finger paints, rolled up their little sleeves, and let them go to town. The impromptu craft provided entertainment on a rainy day, and my fireplace now looks super cute. Win-win!

Speaking of love … I also spend a good portion of February weeding through their spring and summer wardrobe from last year. Getting their clothes organized helps see what we need for the upcoming warm Tennessee summers, beach trips, etc.

I’m not going to lie; I have a love-hate relationship with this process of organizing. Part of me loves it because let’s be real; I love shopping for clothes. But as I pull out shirts, pants, and dresses … my heart aches. As I fold up that tiny pink plaid romper, I remember every detail. The feeling of her warm, chubby thighs wrapped around my waist as I lugged her around the kitchen trying to cook dinner. My sweet little girl’s love language is physical touch for sure. And while there are times my back aches from trying to juggle too much, I wouldn’t trade her snuggles for the world.

Then I’ll come across a pair of pants with a tear in the knee. My sweet boy’s days of crawling around pretending to be a tiger wore these pants nearly bare. With his legit scary roar, and precious smile … we usually succumb to his pleas to “be a tiger and chase me!” and end up on the floor pretending right along with him. He grew out of those pants within a couple of months. He is taking after Daddy with those long legs for sure.

Tears fill my eyes as the reality of this season sinks into my soul.

It goes so fast. I love seeing my babies grow, learn and dream but still … I wish I could freeze time.

Thankfully, organizational guru Marie Kondo (who has a series about tidying streaming on Netflix), has encouraged me to remember the importance of gratitude and moving forward. I can lovingly look at each piece of clothing and decide, “Does this piece of clothing bring me joy?” If so, I fold it up and place it my bin of special clothes to keep. If not, I fold the outfit up and pass it down to my niece, donate it to the Wrap Around Closet at Church of the City in Spring Hill, TN or sell it at the local consignment sale to earn money for new clothes!

So yes, the month of February is about love. From making sure people in your life, and those who come across your path feel loved, seen and heard, to cooking those heart-shaped pancakes. But it’s also about

making space for what’s to come. To wake each morning expecting beauty to bloom and dreams to awaken.

And if you are here, you’re probably hopeful Will & Ivey’s spring collection launches soon. I bet there are some gorgeous pieces on the horizon. Stay tuned! 😊

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