Laura Biedebach and the TheraBurpee

As an extension of our Baby Shower Gift Guide we want to give you some insight into theTheraBurpee, a must have therapeutic burpee helpful for parents and little ones!

I was born into a large surrogate family made up of the members of my Dad’s band. For as long as I can remember the wives of the other band members were like second mothers to me. I knew I could count on them to be at ballet performances, birthday parties, and feed me dinner on any given night. I felt taken care of by these women as if I was their own. 

One of these women was Laura Biedebach. Laura always had a way of giving hugs and looking me deep in the eyes that made me feel seen, loved, and protected. To this day she sends me supportive messages and checks in to make sure I am doing alright. 

Laura’s love for people and care for comfort are exemplified through everything she does. She is a massage therapist with a magic touch (I say this from experience) and is always searching for new ways to extend her practice and help people reach their full potential. With her enjoyment of learning, drive, and creativity I was not surprised at all to hear that she had created an adaptable burpee with the purpose of being therapeutic for babies as well as parents. She began by sewing burp cloths with pockets where she would insert essential oil infused cloth pads. She found these essential oils to be extremely soothing for babies and parents. After more development these 100% cotton burp cloths now have pockets for holding gel packs that can be frozen or warmed, great for soothing anxious little ones or when they have colic or a fever. It is also beneficial for nursing mothers with blocked milk ducts and let down delays.

I am so proud to know Laura and believe in this product because I believe in her. In 2019 she partnered with Munchkin Inc. to produce the TheraBurpee and it has begun to distribute worldwide! You can find the TheraBurpee on, Amazon and Walmart and will soon be carried by BuyBuyBaby.

- Audrey Ney

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