Halloween Holiday Kickoff

Halloween — the Kickoff to the Holidays

Halloween feels like the start of all the fall and winter celebrations. I like the dressing up aspect of Halloween. But as someone who avoids artificial flavors, dyes and processed food in the house—Halloween candy triggers my anxiety just a little bit. I’m that annoying mom who takes most of the candy and sends it to my husband’s office. Sorry, kiddos!

Even though the whole candy-aspect is not my favorite, I still love seeing the kids have so much fun going door to door for goodies. But how does Halloween look this year with a contagious virus circulating? Walking up to strangers and reaching into a communal bowl of candy makes me uneasy. Honestly, accepting random candy has always felt risky to me. So, I’m relieved to have an excuse to change plans up this year.

My kiddos are four and six-years-old, so they WANT to trick or treat. From what I hear from other moms, most plan to do some sort of trick or treating. Some will do scavenger hunts (think Easter egg hunt but Halloween-style), and others are throwing outdoor Halloween parties.

Our plan is to get a few little buddies together for a small Halloween party. Then our kids will do abbreviated trick or treating. We have Halloween crafts (Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have lots of easy-to-do projects on sale now), and monster cupcake decorating on the menu. We may also try and use that terrible toilet paper we purchased in a panic during the TP shortage and do a mummy-wrapping contest.

Whatever you choose, let it be what works best for your family. Here’s to Halloween—the kickoff to holiday photos and shopping, decorating, baking, and spending precious time with your babies! Stay safe and warm—grab a soft Will & Ivey long sleeve for your littles to wear under those itchy costumes. 😉