Fun Ideas for Kiddos During Quarantine

I wanted to share a few activities you can try with your little ones when you feel like you have RUN OUT of fuel and creative options. Hopefully, these ideas help you on a rainy afternoon or buy you a few minutes of peace during this wild time.

  1. Workout: Go to common language.one and look for the Mini-Me classes! My kids loved the music, jumping and shaking their sillies out. And I love the secret opportunities to tone and do something for myself during the workout. Plus, the rest of the exercises are AMAZING, and you can do them from home. She is giving away two free weeks right now!

  2. Shop Small: Since we can’t go anywhere right now, I’ve been letting my kiddos pursue online shopping options. All the comfy clothes, please! And some local coffee like Share Roastery, honey, and local toy stores for Easter basket goodies. 
  3. Kids Bootcamp: Set up some cones, and make a running obstacle course, use SOLO cups for baseball targets, play a soccer game, do some timed races. If you don’t have a backyard, drive to the nearest field outdoors where you can RUN and still social distance!

  4. Kids Baking Championship: Put all the ingredients in little bowls, show them how to make it, set the time, and go! Prepare for a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess. This one was my sister’s idea, and it was so much fun to have them in the kitchen learning about measurements and flavors!

  5. Handwritten Notes: Grab some papers, glue, and whatever you have around and make sweet pictures and notes to send to friends and grandparents. My son’s little friend sent him a drawing and a sticker, and it made his day. And their grandparents have showered them with a few Amazon surprises, and craft projects.

  6. FaceTime Play Dates: Just because they can’t see each other, I want to validate how different my little one’s lives are right now. I know they are missing their teachers and friends. Set up a virtual playdate so the kids can share fun stories, draw pictures together, show off their latest trick (mine like to show how fast they can run), or share their latest Lego build. 

  7. Art Therapy: Paint and paint some more. My little ones love setting up shop with a paintbrush and an empty canvas. My super-talented mom also drew them our houses on Zillow for the kids to color. It was a hit! You can probably find some sketches on Pinterest or Etsy.

  8. Scavenger Hunts: We have gotten pretty creative to spruce up our neighborhood walks these days. We look for rainbows and teddy bears in the windows. We look for animals, bunnies, geese, dogs, and whoever scores the most “wins.” We all win a piece of chocolate when we get back, of course, 😊

  9. Educational Screen Time: My little ones are three and five, so this may not work for everyone, but ABC Mouse and Khan Academy Kids have been lifesavers. I don’t feel terrible about this screen time because it’s educational.

  10. Help Out: We’ve been getting the kids more involved in the day-to-day- cleaning and helping out whoever we can. We put together a bucket of goodies for delivery people (mail deliverers, UPS, Amazon drivers, etc.). We put some chips, waters, and other goodies. The kids love filling it up and seeing what people have taken. Another idea is to donate to Tennessee Alliance for Kids TAK PAK initiative, which provides comfort items for children entering the foster care system. Have your little ones write notes and draw pictures for other kids. It is very special to see them care for and love these children in this way. You can drop letters and drawings in the mail to: TN Alliance for Kids, P.O. Box 40221, Nashville, TN 37204.

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