Finding Your Haven

“We're ninjas!” my five-year-old son called out from under the clothing rack. Before I could respond, he raced off, laughing with a boy who he just met five minutes ago.

I smiled, taking in the sweetness of their made-up game. Giggles and toddler footsteps were background music.

We had just asked our kids to stop playing with their toys at home to help children pick out clothes from a ministry called Wrap Around Closet at Church of the City in Spring Hill, TN. Full of clothing, Halloween costumes, shoes, and even some toys, foster children get to pick out and try on items just like they would at the store. The result is usually several bags of gently worn clothes and shoes, and kiddos leaving with pride and joy when their circumstances say otherwise. 

This time, the young boys came to Wrap Around with only the shoes on their feet, which their foster parents had purchased for them hours before, and the clothes on their backs.

Mid-race, the one little boy stopped and looked up at me, outstretched his arms, and said, “Huggie?” I gave him a tight squeeze, and my husband joined in on the race. He lifted the boys high as they squealed in delight.

When we returned home, my husband and I teared up as we talked about how precious they were. 

Sometimes when we put aside our agendas, we get some perspective and wisdom on how we should spend our days. 

Watching these boys, I remembered how important it is to stop, rest and play. 

I cringe thinking about how many times I’ve replied with “in a minute,” or “I can’t right now,” when someone needs me. Lately, I’ve felt called to be more present in the little things. So, when my sweet little girl asked me to change her princess dress for the fourth time, I stopped chopping the vegetables for dinner, washed my hands, and kneeled with her to play an imaginary princess game. I’m not sure who had more fun her or me. 

It’s hard to do this, though. Our society wants us GOING and SHOWING the world all of the fun things we are doing and accomplishing. People say, “If I don’t take a picture and post this, it’s like it never happened.” 

But with this mentality, we stop being present. Preoccupied and distracted by getting to the next thing. Overwhelmed by wanting to appear accomplished and fun, we miss the joyful moments happening right in front of us. 

What if we stopped posting and rushing and, instead, let resting and playing be joyful and celebratory? Rebekah Lyons released a new book,“Rhythms of Renewal,” and she so beautifully described how we are all striving and stressing over something we already have:

Taking a rest isn’t a sign of weakness. Yet our culture whispers the opposite: if we try harder, work smarter, make the right career moves, get that next degree, work overtime, connect with influencers, and go for our dreams, we might just live a life of significance. But God declares we are already chosen, beloved, appointed, and set apart. He ordered our lives with purpose and intention. We don’t need to hustle to prove something God says is already true. 

Giving up on the hustle of it all makes room for the Holy Spirit to strengthen and grow us. He designed us this way. It’s how we can find peace and purpose in our work and our lives. We must first rest, play and reset before we can handle all that He has is in store for us.

Here at Will & Ivey, finding this calm has been our mission. We have been weaving peace and purpose into our clothes to give babies and children comfortable fabrics and designs that also help kids in need. Inspired by finding a safe place or a refuge, our new Haven collection is all about peace. The collection includes our classic buttery soft pieces, with some new options for our “Chosen” shirt, and our first-ever print. My daughter LOVES her new Magpie print top and has been waiting for it to come out of the wash to wear it again. 

I think it is time we let go of distractions and, instead, embrace our purpose as a chosen daughter or son of Christ. Get to your haven, and enjoy the little, “big” moments happening right in front of you.

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