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Will and Ivey in British Vogue    Will and Ivey in British Vogue

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Will and Ivey in Little Peanut Magazine



13 Adorable Locally Designed Kids’ Brands to Check Out

Thanks to local designers, such as Elizabeth Suzann, Amanda Valentine, Otis James, Emil Erwin and so many more, Nashvillians have grown increasingly supportive of area makers. But the love isn’t just for adults. Now kiddos can also adorn themselves in — and entertain themselves with — locally designed clothing, toys and books. Here, we give you 13 hometown kids’ brands you can source out in town.

Will & Ivey

Found at Arcade

Approaching their one-year anniversary, Will & Ivey was started by Sandra Ney, originally from the northern California hills. “The mission of Will & Ivey is very simply to weave peace and purpose through fashion,” says Sandra. The mission is translated into baby and children’s apparel, quilts and keepsake bowls. The company takes advantage of local talent and is helping keep the manufacturing industry in Tennessee alive. Will & Ivey began a partnership with ToolLife to establish a sewing microbusiness in Honduras. Below are a few Will & Ivey products you can find at Arcade.


Will & Ivey: Fashion with a Purpose

Will & Ivey: Fashion with a Purpose