What does it mean to be Chosen?

Stories, much like clothing, are tied together by multiple
threads interwoven to make something new.

The Otto Onesie in Shell

“A big part of my longing for simplicity, care, and generosity is tied to my mother’s incredible story. She was abandoned at age seven, separated from her four siblings, and was placed in an orphanage in San Francisco. But, her story changed forever when she was rescued, chosen, and raised in a loving, nurturing home by her adopted family. They then shared with my mom the beautiful rescue story of God, that we are all loved and chosen. And now I want to pass that message along. Sewn deep in my soul are the rich textures of their lives.”

Will & Ivey began as a clothing company with the goal to give back. Sandra has recently become a board member of Tennessee Alliance for Kids where she created TAK PAK, a community lead program that fills backpacks with essential and comfort items for children when they are abruptly removed from their homes. A percentage of each garment purchased goes to filling these backpacks or to Tennessee Kids Belong, a company that helps children as they transition from the foster care program into adoption.

Karl and Sandra Owners of Will & Ivey