We're All In This Together

Whether you have kids at in-person school or home with remote learning or homeschool—we are the same. I’ve been a mom with kiddos in school and a mom who homeschools her kids. And each one is hard. 

Regardless of which mom you are at the moment, we have a special bond. Each one of us is doing so much “unsung” work that goes beyond what we see in the natural. As moms, we see firsthand what makes our kids thrive and what causes struggle.

As for different school options this year, there are so many factors that impact a family’s decision. Many parents have watched the adverse effects of months of school closures, sports cancellations, and no church. Some schools have already abruptly closed because of growing cases, leaving working parents scrambling for childcare. And yet, they hold on, fingers crossed that their kids can be in the classroom. Because it is what works best for their family, which means it should be what works best for everyone else.

Some may be veteran homeschool mamas, and this year is a year to support the many new homeschool mamas. I’ve been the recipient of so many gracious friends who have helped me make curriculum decisions and learned how to plan out our days. It’s a big learning curve for first-time homeschool mamas, trying to understand the delicate balance between mama and teacher. Maybe you feel like you haven’t given 100% as your newborn needs your arms and attention. Or you feel scattered as you bounce back and forth from singing phonics songs to finalizing your report for work.  

It’s all hard. And we are all in this together. Doing the best we can to give our kids peace during a tough time.

I pray a real peace and presence to be over you and your family as you go into each school day during this bizarre year. “May the Master of Peace himself give you the gift of getting along with each other at all times, in all ways. May the Master be truly among you!” (2 Thessalonians 3:16, The Message).

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